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Little Ed's Ski & Bike Shop​

543 Bay St Midland, ON

L4R 1L4 (705)526-0202

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Bikes & Parts

We pride ourselves in our selection of mountain, road, and hybrid bicycles. Whether you are a beginner, or a serious cyclist, we are confident that we can help get you into a bike that is perfect for meeting your cycling needs.

Apparel & Accessories

We carry Louis Garneau cycling apparel and can outfit you from head to toe. We carry a wide variety of helmets, jerseys, cycling shorts, and cycling shoes. We also carry a wide selection of winter apparel including Louis Garneau, SWIX, and Liquid Board and Ski Wear.

Skis & Snowshoes

​Our WINTER line is HERE!!!! We carry a wide range of winter sporting goods, including ELAN downhill skis, FISCHER and ROSSINGOL Nordic skis, ATLAS and G.V. snowshoes, snow boards, and accessories. Come on into the shop and get sized up for a fabulous winter of skiing or snowshoeing.


“Excellent, friendly service. They really knew a lot and made me feel confident in my purchase.”

Susan H., customer


Little Ed's Ski and Bike Shop
Midland Location:

543 Bay Street

Midland, ON

L4R 14R

(705) 526-0202



Atlas Snowshoes 

From the deep fluffy snow to a lightly packed snow, we stock variety of mens and ladies shoes for all conditions. We also carry GV and Louis Garneau Snow Shoes.

Snowshoe Midland and Beyond


We've always been proud of offering the best scooter possible at an affordable price, the New HIC Storm keeps that tradition. We've upgraded the bearings to ABEC 9's, improved the deck with our double heat treatment process and changed the headset to HIC. You will not find a better, more durable Scooter on the market in it's price range.

  • Regular Sized Chromoly Bars- 22 Inches HIgh, 20 Inches Wide

  • New * Aluminum 6061/T6 Deck- 4.25 Inches Wide, 19 Inches Long

  • 2 Bolt Clamp

  • Havoc Flex Brake

  • 100mm Spoke Aluminum Core Wheels

  • Standard fork

  • HIC headset

  • ABEC9- bearing

  • powdered coated painting

Allen Key Included

CLEARANCE !! Kids Boots,Skis, Kombi Base Layer and Auclair Mitts Just $16.99

Kids Ski and Boot Clearance !!

Kids Boots $67.99

Tune up include machine base grind ,file side edges and machine hot wax.

Waxing should be done about every 3 to 5 ski days ,depending on snow conditions.Waxing your skis is probably the single most important thing you can do for your new purchase to ensure a longer life span that performs. Regular waxing is also essential for speed. Even if you don’t like to go too fast, wax should regularly be applied, otherwise the skis will dry out and literally stick to the snow. This could cause a nasty injury to the skier!

The best way to tell if your skis need waxing is to take a look at the base. If the base has that deep black look, as it does after a waxing, then you're probably good to go. If the base looks grey and chalky near the edges, then your skis are in need of a waxing. If the entire base is grey and chalky, then you are well overdue for a waxing and need to do it before you ride again.

Ski & Snow Board Tune Package

BASIC TUNE / Machine base grind and machine wax $39.99


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Havoc Banger Mini BMX


KUU Tuning Supplies

BMX and SJ


Pedal Assist eBikes

Scooter Forks 40% OFF

Hot Wax $9.99